I am an unlimited member and someone is harassing me. What do I do?

We're sorry you're having a problem with a fellow member. First off, if you feel this member is threatening you physically or that you're in any imminent danger, please contact your local police authority. We'll be happy to assist them as the law permits.

We recommend that you block the member. All you have to do is press the Block button on the respective member's profile. Once you have blocked him, it will appear to him as if you are no longer a member on the site. Therefore, he cannot contact you at all.

Although deleting his profile may sound like an easy remedy, it can end up causing you more headaches. He may just create a new profile and continue the exchange with you, because with a new profile he will be unblocked to anyone who has blocked him in the past. Because there are literally hundreds of thousands of profiles on our site, it is not feasible to watch every single member. It is up to everyone online - on Manhunt or on other sites - to be extremely vigilant. This is no different than in real life where there are all sorts of people out there - some good, some not so good.

Be extremely careful in general. But with so many members on our site, I'm sure you'll find many who are worth your while!

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