Someone stole my pictures. What do I do?

In order to handle situations like this, we ask that the owner of the photos confirm that they're the person who appears in the photo(s) in question. We can't do anything without clear proof that a certain photo(s) has been stolen.

We ask that the owner of the photo send us a clear photo or scan (no photocopies or fax copies) of one of the following:

- Current valid driver's license
- Current valid state-issued ID
- Current valid passport

Feel free to block out the identification number and/or address, but it must be obvious to us that this is a valid state or federal identification.

For a body shot: We ask the owner of the photo to send the original, un-cropped photo featuring the body part(s) in question, as well as any other images to support the claim.

In an email, briefly describe the problem, including your member name (if applicable), the member name of the offender, and send this documentation to .Once verified, we'll take the appropriate action and send you a confirmation email.

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