How do I receive email notifications and audible alerts?

If you wish to receive audible alerts when you get a new mail, click on Account > Notifications > Select the box “Play a sound when I get new mail” > Click Save

To activate automatic email external notifications click on Account > Notifications > In the Email Alerts section choose Daily, Weekly or Never > Click Save.

If you are not receiving notifications, there are several potential causes for this. The most common reason is simply a matter of timing. The system automatically generates messages based on your preferences, and they are accurate when the message is generated. Sometimes, however, by the time you receive this notification, you have already read the email. On top of that, there other potential causes:
-Your email address is invalid (misspelled or no longer active);
-Your email mailbox is full; is being blocked from your Inbox due to your email preference settings.

Please check your mail and spam control settings and make any necessary adjustments; you may need to add the domain address to your "safe-list", "white-list" or address book.

***Email notifications about unread messages will be sent to the email address associated with your Manhunt account. 

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