How do I use the new Men Online feature?

In collaboration with Google Maps, Manhunt has enhanced the way in which members like you can search for available men in your area.

While the same three search options are still available under the “Men Online” tab (“View Men Online”, “View New Profiles”, and “View All Profiles”), you will notice that the appearance of the page has changed. The thumbnails are now larger and, by default, you will be able to view the Member Name, distance, age, position, city and state. If you wish to clear these stats from the screen, simply uncheck the “Show info on profiles” box located near the top of the page.

You can alter your search range by clicking the “Browse Men Near” tab located near the top of the screen. Here, you will see a Google Map of the last location you searched. To conduct a new “Men Online” search, start by typing in the box marked “Search for a location”. Type in any location you wish, whether it’s just a city, a state or even an address or a landmark. A series of suggested locations will generate. Click the location that corresponds to the place you were searching for and an updated map will appear in your suggested area.

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