How do I use the Board?

The Manhunt Board is a place for you to post quick messages about what you want, who you want to do it with and everything else in between. Posts expire when you say so (from hours to days), and we'll leave no trace of what you posted. You can go ahead and post without revealing your name. Guys won't know who you are unless you write back to them. And, when you post anonymously, you can pick from any one of your photos in your Photo Manager to accompany your post. You can also browse through posts near a particular area-when you see one you like, just click "Write back" and compose a message. We'll deliver it to his Inbox!

From the top menu bar click on “Board” and from there you can type your message, pick how long you wish to have your message up, choose up to 3 locations and click post

When posting on the Manhunt Board please keep your post about yourself and make sure it does not violate our Terms of Access.

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