What is a blocked cookie?

Have you ever experienced issues with web sites or your browser? One solution may be to clear your cookies manually. Cookies are files created by web browsers that store user-specific information like selections in a form or shopping cart contents.

When you log into Manhunt, cookies are placed on your computer to remember your login information and computer settings. If this information is somehow wrong or corrupted, it can cause the site to crash or log you out when clicking from page to page.

Clearing your cookies may help solve these issues. Just remember, browsers will normally clear cookies, but you can clear them manually if needed.


A blocked cookie will not allow you to access 

Quick tips:

1. Switch browser

2. Clear cache, cookies, and offline data. Next, quit the browser and then reopen it again.

3. Security software like firewalls or pop blockers may need to be disabled or you need to allow the site.


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