Someone took over my account. What do I do?

If someone took over your account and you want it back, we'll need some proof that this was in fact your account, to begin with. If you have purchased an Unlimited Membership for this account in the past, please get in touch with Manhunt Customer Support and verify the credit card information on file.

If you have never purchased an Unlimited Membership on this account, we ask that the owner of the account send us a clear photo or scan (no photocopies or fax copies) of one of the following:
-Current valid driver's license
-Current valid state-issued ID
-Current valid passport

Feel free to block out the identification number and/or address, but it must be obvious to us that this is a valid state or federal identification. Once verified, we will update the email address associated with the account so you can request a password change. Please note that it is your responsibility to secure your computer and email account to make sure this never happens.

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