What are the picture guidelines?

All pics that you post on the site must be of you, but they do not need to reveal your identity. Additionally, they cannot reveal the identity of anyone else unless it's a joint profile and your text makes that clear.

Other things that are NOT allowed on the site include, but are not limited to:
-Weapons (real or not)
-Children (including in the background or your pics)
-Animals in a sexual position
-Drugs or drug paraphernalia
-Overly graphic pics
-Depictions of scat
-Depictions of watersports with other people
-Depictions of blood or violence
-Depictions of underage drinking
-External contact information (email addresses, phone numbers, etc.)
-Drawings, painting, cartoons, or overly stylized photographs
-Copyrighted or photographer marked images

Things that are allowed with restrictions:
-Anal insertion (allowed as private only)
-Semen in or around on orifice (allowed as private only)
-Depictions of urination on objects (allowed as private only)
-Nudity below the waist (must be private if your profile is in China, Taiwan, Korea, or Japan)

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