What is advanced search?

The advanced search feature allows you to narrow your hunt! You can search for men by specific locations, sexual interests, and physical traits. From the menu bar, just click on Search. Then click through the Who, What, Where & When tabs on the left.

-Who? - your can sort by body type, eye color and other physical characteristics.
-What? - you can use it to search for tops, bottoms, versatile members or people only interested in specific acts.
-Where & When? - lets you choose the location for your search (country, state and/or city).
-Summary – lets you recap of what options you chose.

The more you select, the narrower your Search will be and the fewer profiles will be found. Unlimited access members you can save up to ten unique Searches. To save a Search after you have entered your search criteria and clicked on Search on the bottom right, just click Save from the top of the search results and enter the name you would like to display and click save. Your Saved Searches will appear under Search on the top menu bar.

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