What are these definitions?

I'll do the best I can in defining some of the common language (terms and acronyms) seen on our site and the online dating community in general. These don't necessarily appear in dictionaries so their meanings aren't set in stone.

You might want to ask people what they mean exactly when using the following terms:

420 - Marijuana, pot, weed
B&D - Bondage & Discipline
BB - Bareback (i.e., unprotected sex)
BiM - Bisexual male
Bottom - The receiving partner in anal sex
Breeding - Ejaculating in someone's anus (see BB - Bareback)
BTW - By the way
Bukkake - Ejaculating on someone's face
CAM - Webcam
CBT - Cock and Ball Torture
CD - Cross Dresser
CE - Casual Encounters
D&D free (aka: DDF) - Drug and disease free
Dom - Domination or Dominant
Exhibitionism - Exposing oneself; indecent exposure
FB - Fuck Buddy
FF - Fist fucking; Fisting, putting the whole fist into someone's orifice as part of sex
FtM - Female to Male transsexual
FWB - Friends with Benefits
GAM - Gay Asian Male
GBM - Gay Black male
GHM - Gay Hispanic Male
GWM - Gay White Male
HWP - Height-weight proportionate
IM - Instant Messenger
ISO - In Search of/Is Seeking Only
JO - To jerk off or masturbate
LMAO - Laughing my ass off
LOL - Laughing out loud
LTR - Long-term relationship
MtF - Male to Female transsexual
NSA - No Strings Attached
ONS - One Night Stand
Peeps - People
Pig Play - Often dirty or unsafe sex (ask person what he means)
PNP - Party and Play. It's a subjective term and can be defined in many ways. Many members associate the term with the use of illegal substances and having sex.
PPL - People (also, "peeps")
Rimming - Licking an anus, "eating ass"
RL - Real Life
ROTFLMAO - Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off
S&M - Sado Masochism
SO - Significant Other
SP - Strictly Platonic
Top - The active partner in anal sex
TG - Transgender
TS - Transsexual
TV - Transvestite
UC - Uncut; uncircumcised
Uninhibited - At ease in most sexual situations (often willing to participate in unsafe sex, group sex or similar sexual activities)
VGL - Very Good Looking
Voyeurism - Watching other

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