I am having trouble logging in. What do I do?

If you’re having trouble logging into your account because you entered the incorrect username or password, there’s a good chance it’s for either of the following: (1) Your web browser’s Auto Complete feature OR (2) Manhunt’s Remember Me feature.

(1) Auto Complete is a feature of certain web browsers that remembers information such as usernames, passwords, and billing information for you. Often times when you log into a site, your browser will ask you if it should remember your login information. Pretty handy, right? Just remember that if you’ve changed your username or password, you will need to also change the information found in your browser’s Auto Complete.

(2) Manhunt’s “Remember Me” feature allows users to store their login information on the Manhunt login page. Every time you attempt to login from your device, the site will remember your login information for you. Pretty handy, right? Just remember that if your username or password changes, you will need to change the information stored here, too!

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